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Morning habits for a healthier lifestyle

1st September 2023

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A good morning routine can transform your day and improve both your physical and mental health. Starting your day in a relaxed and stress-free way sets the tone for the day.

There is no magic recipe for the perfect morning routine as each person’s ideal morning will be different. Experiment with implementing a combination of morning habits that allow you to feel calm and in control of your day.

The key to your morning consistency. Focus on developing morning habits for a healthier lifestyle that you can easily stick to.

Here are 7 morning habits for a healthier lifestyle:

1. Drink water before coffee or tea

There are many benefits of drinking water and hydration is a key to good health. Drinking water as part of your morning routine is a quick win as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Busy days often mean that time quickly slips by without drinking any water. Starting the morning with a large glass of water helps to combat dehydration and helps your productivity and focus. 

I started drinking a glass of water before my breakfast and morning coffee a couple of years ago. It is one of the quickest and easiest changes I have made to my daily routine that has positively impacted my health.

As I love to travel and am always on the go, starting the day with a glass of water can easily be done wherever I am in the world without affecting any plans or schedules for the day.

1.	Healthy  habits: Drink water before coffee or tea

2. Limit your screen time

Screens can be a source of stress, pressure and anxiety for us.

Many of us have our work emails and work messages come through to our phones which means as soon as you check your phone in the morning you are inviting any work stress into your day. Phones contain many stressors, from bank accounts to notifications to messages to countless things that demand your immediate attention. 

When we turn on the morning news we can be bombarded with negative events across the world

When you engage with technology in the morning you are ‘switching on’ for the day, rather than carrying on the relaxed and stress free environment and tone that you work up in.

Since my son started school, we have had a ‘screen-free’ morning rule which eliminates the zombie state then frenzied rush to get out the door that may have otherwise ensued.

Healthy Habits: Limit your screen time

3. Make your bed

A tidy space helps to calm your mind, and making your bed is a quick and easy way to keep your bedroom tidy.

Making your bed can also help with the length and quality of your sleep. As you enter your bedroom and see your calm and tidy space in the evening it allows your body and mind to feel a sense of relaxation rather than sensing clutter and stress.

Healthy morning  habits: Make your bed

4. Stretch your body

Stretching in the morning is a gentle way to move your body. Not everyone enjoys exercising in the morning, but even a 2-3 minute morning stretch can do wonders to creating a healthier lifestyle.

Take deep breaths while you hold each stretch for an added benefit to your mind and body.

I love this yoga mat from Decathlon for my morning stretching!


Healthy morning  habit: Stretch your body

5. Focus on quality sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep allows you to wake up feeling energised and refreshed. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night to

Read this blog for quick tips for quality sleep.

This YogaSleep machine allows you to create a personalised sleeping environment to promote quality sleep.


Healthy morning  habit: Focus on quality sleep

6. Avoid the snooze button

Set your alarm at a time that allows you enough time to have a morning routine that is calm and stress free. Avoid your snooze button to ensure that you are able to consistently follow your morning routine for a healthy lifestyle.

If you struggle to wake up in the morning, consider a sunrise alarm clock that simulates a sunrise and can help make it easier to avoid the snooze button. Exposure to light can help make you feel more awake and reduce drowsiness.

Healthy morning  habit: Avoid the snooze button

7. Eat a healthy breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast that includes protein to fuel your body and keep you energised throughout the day. 

A healthy breakfast can increase your focus, mood, and productivity

Planning and preparation can be the key in creating healthy eating habits.

Download Hutton Health's free Meal Planner to help you prepare for a successful week of eating!


Healthy morning habit: Eat a healthy breakfast

A great morning routine can go a long way to creating a healthier lifestyle. The best morning routines promote wellness, positivity, and productivity throughout the day.

Create your morning habits and rituals to set you up for healthy and successful days ahead!

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