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Beating Body Image Blues

15th March 2023

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It is easy to become fixated on your body. Many women hold a deep unhappiness with their body and feel stuck in a body that they don’t have confidence in.

Body image refers to how we think and feel about ourselves and our body. Body image issues can start at a young age and can become deep rooted challenges for women as they age.

Many people make jokes about their body, eating habits, lack of exercise or indulgence in treats. These perpetual thoughts and jokes can negatively affect your body image and happiness.

Signs you may be lacking confidence in your body:

  • You avoid looking at yourself in the mirror
  • You ‘hide’ your body behind baggy clothing because you are ashamed by it
  • Struggling to love and/or accept your body
  • Comparing how you look with other people you know or follow on social media (I wish I looked like her; I wish I had a flat stomach like her; I wish my legs were long like that…)

Struggling with your body image can impact your mental health and can lead to low self esteem, anxiety, eating problems, and obsessing over your appearance.

Creating a healthy attitude around food, exercise and body image can transform your confidence and positively impact every area of your life.


Tips to overcome the battle with your body image:

1. Resist comparing yourself with others

No two bodies are the same and no two health or weight loss journeys will be the same. Try to resist comparing yourself to anyone else.

Comparison can be the thief of joy and confidence.

1.	Resist comparing yourself with others - body image tip

2. Focus on your health rather than on your weight

This blog, Lose weight to get healthy or get healthy to lose weight shares challenges of focusing too much on weight loss .

It is easy to get fixated on the numbers on a scale. These numbers can dictate how you FEEL about your body and your health journey. When the number creeps up, even by a small amount, it can have a negative impact on your mental health and confidence.

The way you feel about your weight is more than just a number. It can affect your attitude towards yourself.

It is important to remember that these numbers are only ONE way to look at your progress.

Find out  more about non-scale ways to track your weight loss progress.

2.	Focus on your health rather than on your weight, body image tip

3. Recognise your body type

Understanding what your body type is can help you set a realistic goal for your weight and body. You can get an idea of your body type by looking at other members of your family.

Once you know what your body type is, it is important to accept what ‘healthy’ means for your own body.

Optimal health can be achieved with different weights and shapes depending on your body type.

3.	Recognise your body type, body image blues

4. Remove social media influencers who don’t make you feel your best

Following role models who don’t have a similar body type to you can negatively affect your self esteem and can deflate your confidence. Unfollow any accounts that make you feel down about yourself and instead strive to find accounts that boost your mood and confidence.

Social media influencers often edit images to remove blemishes or imperfections and adjust their body to appear ‘perfect’. These images don’t reflect what these people look like in real life and result in many people aiming for a body that is unrealistic.  

4.	Remove social media influencers who don’t make you feel your best, body image blues

5. Find your positive traits

What is the first thing you notice when you look at a picture of yourself? There is likely one part of your body that you focus on; whether it is a double chin, your thighs, your stomach, you likely look at the part of your body where you lack confidence.

Try to shift your thinking to find a part of your body that you appreciate. Maybe you have strong thighs that allow you to climb the stairs at your office each day or you have strong arms from carrying your children or shopping easily.

Rather than pinching your cellulite or joking about the size of your stomach, find your positive traits and think of these throughout the day.

5.	Find your positive traits, beat body image blues

6. Find clothing for your body type

Many people lack the confidence to wear tight work out clothing. A tight pair of leggings and a crop top don’t make your stronger, healthier, or allow you to fit in to a fitness space.

Exercise is truly for EVERY body. There is no need to wear a certain type of clothing to run, walk, attend a class or move your body. You do YOU. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

6.	Find clothing for your body type, beat body image  blues

7. Be kind to yourself

Think about all of the great things your body does for you.


Your legs allow you to move from one place to another and give you the opportunity to see beautiful places and brilliant people.

Your arms allow you to embrace the people you care about, allow you to create delicious food, write grateful words and express yourself.


Rather than focusing on how your body looks, consider the ways that your body allows you to live a great life.

7.	Be kind to yourself, beat body image blues

If you struggle with your body image and have a challenging relationship with food and exercise because of it, consider reaching out for professional help. Body image blues can lead to eating disorders and body dysmorphia if left to manifest.

No one needs to go through life hating their body; it is your ultimate ‘home’.

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