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6 Things to do Next Time you Gain Weight

28th June 2023

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It is easy to attach your confidence and happiness to your weight.  It is easy to attach self-worth to our weight when we’ve gained weight, it can be challenging to:

  • Feel ok with the reflection that looks back at you in the mirror.
  • Feel comfortable in your clothes when you get dressed each day.
  • Remember that others aren’t looking at you and judging you when you enter a room.

6 Things to do next time you gain weight

  1. Health goals can be more than a weight. 

It is easy to get caught up thinking thin body = healthy body = better body.  Health and weight are not mutually exclusive and your weight does not dictate your overall health.

There are many more ways to look at health that aren't associated with a number on a scale. This blog shares non-scale ways to track progress.

6 Things to do next time you gain weight

2. Avoid an ‘all or nothing’ mentality.  

Gaining weight is not a reason to give up on your exercise plan and nutrition. 

It is common to ‘fall off the wagon’ and get in a cycle of sabotaging your healthy lifestyle, binging, giving up on your exercise and healthy actions that keep you feeling confident, strong and healthy.  Gaining weight doesn’t mean you need to take drastic actions to lose weight.  Many of my clients over the years have told me ‘I have failed again so why should I even try to lose weight?’ 

Remember you have not failed!

3. You are not a failure for gaining weight.

A number on a scale or a specific dress size are not a destination.  Health and weight loss is a journey that is not linear.  There will be ups and downs along your journey and embracing your path to creating a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel good is the key.

4. Remember weight gain does not mean you need to cut out the food you love. 

You do not need to exercise excessively to burn calories.  You do not need to stay home to avoid social gatherings.  You do not need to give up carbs or any other food groups!

5. Be Patient! 

Health and weight loss is a journey that takes time.  The actions you take and changes to your lifestyle should be sustainable over time. 

If you try to lose the weight too quickly it is difficult to maintain the weight loss.  Your weight loss journey & lifestyle should include exercise and nutrition changes that you  can commit too for 1 week, 1 year and 10 years time.

6. Remember YOU ARE OKAY!

You are allowed to show up and come as you are.  Do not judge yourself based on your weight, anyone who you feel is judging you is doing so out of their own insecurities and projections. You are okay and your body is ok, even if you have gained weight.

Diet culture

Diet culture can push us to attach our body confidence and focus on:

  • Body shape
  • Weight
  • Fad diets
  • Before/After photos and extreme transformations
  • Clothing size
  • Burning calories

These things don't encourage trying to create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable over time. 

Building healthy habits in your day and building a positive relationship with food and exercise can help create a healthy weight loss journey that is void of the pressure and guilt that can come with diet culture.

Diet culture

Weight Loss Mindset Shift

Shifting our mindset is essential for our mental health, confidence, happiness, and overall health.  Rather than focusing on the list above, focus on:

  • Body acceptance
  • Learning to love movement
  • Feeling comfortable in your clothing
  • Positive attitude and mental health
  • Balanced diet


Find out more about beating body image blues and a positive weight loss mindset.

Weight Loss Mindset Shift

I am passionate about helping women look and feel their best.  I want to help women fall in love with their health journey and encourage them to be the best version of themselves.  You really are worth it!

You are more than just a body

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