The Power of your Mindset: Change your mind and change your thoughts. Hutton Health

The Power of your Mindset: Change your mind and change your thoughts

18th November 2022

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With the realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world. According to my own experience, self-confidence is very important. That sort of confidence is not a blind one; it is an awareness of one’s own potential. On that basis, human beings can transform themselves by increasing the good qualities and reducing the negative qualities.’ - Dalai Lama

We need to work on our mindset in the same way we commit to training our bodies for fitness through exercise. Training our mind is easier as you can do it every day, anywhere and anytime.

Your mind is a muscle. We need to work on it and commit to training it.

We have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts every day which averages about 3,000 every hour. If we can learn to manage our thoughts better, then we can control how we feel about ourselves.

If you tell yourself positive words, then you feel strong and better about yourself. Negative words can make us feel emotionally and physically weak.

If you continually feed yourself positive and affirming words, you will find yourself standing up taller, feeling better equipped to handle what life throws at you. Your strengths and weaknesses are created by your mindset.

​Janice Hutton's book, Unlocking your Unlimited Potential has many practical tips for changing your mindset to think more positively.


We operate on a feedback loop.

Your thoughts control your feelings, your feelings control your actions, your actions control your events. When you think a thought, then you feel the feeling. The feeling and resulting emotional state will dictate how you act. Sometimes you can have no action depending on your feeling. You justify your actions based on how you think.

your thoughts create your reality

You can create this loop by focusing on the negative or you can create this loop in a positive way.

If you make a positive loop, your thoughts will include things like; you are talented, you are gifted, you are warm, you are capable, you are worthy. When you approach situations in a positive way, you feel excited, happy, confident, and ready to take a risk. Because you think a better thought, you have a better feeling, which means you take action in a constructive way. You are more likely to take a risk which creates further opportunity for growth.

Every risk you take will teach you something and will provide a step forward toward your mission and goals.


If you have a negative loop, your emotions make you hesitant to take risks and resistant to taking action. You feel less confident, less capable and less likely to succeed at the task. Your thoughts are yours to change.

By controlling your thoughts, you are controlling your emotions and your actions.

stop focusing on what you wish you had, how you wish looked and what you wish you could do. start appreciating yourself for all that you do and all that you are

Look at the words you are telling yourself as these are creating your reality. If you don’t like the picture of your life, you need to consciously change the words you are saying.

Listen to the thoughts that repeat themselves regularly in your mind. Every thought you think influences the blueprint of your life. Your body and mind follows the words that you think and speak. If you constantly see yourself in a certain way, your decisions will be steered by this vision.

Define and visualise yourself feeling like the confident and successful individual you want to be.

We have two worlds that we experience on a daily basis, our internal world and the external world. If you can learn to master your internal world, you will unlock an incredible life.

Piers Thurston found, ‘Both neuroscience and physics are now pointing to the fact that the human experience is created from the inside out. This reveals a huge misunderstanding. Our realities are not being passively recorded by the brain, but are actively constructed by it in every moment. Admittedly our thoughts can portray the illusion that our experience is coming from something outside of ourselves, but it is all coming from within.’

a beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset

To change the results we experience, we need to change our behaviour.

Our behaviours will change when we are able to change the emotional state that we are in. If you continually have negative recurring thoughts, it is likely because the negative thoughts are getting more attention than any other thoughts.

Negative thoughts are brought forward when we continually focus on them. If we constantly obsess about negative things, then our mind will continue to bring them up. Negative emotions create negative thoughts which reinforce the negative emotions.


This applies to positive thinking as well. If you continually place importance on positive thoughts and consistently repeat them then it shifts your brain to thinking that these are more important. Your following thoughts will be based on this.

Use words that give you the best opportunity to feel good. Focus on having positive thoughts and ideas that make you feel empowered.


The more you immerse yourself in positivity, the more it becomes ingrained in your mind.

I find positive quotes very valuable in focusing my mind and shifting my focus when I find myself struggling.

Surrounding myself by positivity – post it notes with positive quotes or phrases on the fridge, on my bathroom mirror, on my screen saver on my phone and laptop and on my desk help feed my mind positive thoughts throughout the day.

If you find you have a low time during the day, consider adding a reminder on your phone with a message of positivity about yourself, your abilities and the incredible future that you are creating.

​Surrounding yourself with positive messages and affirmations can be a great way to shift your thinking to being more positive.

These are great affirmation cards to help you focus on the things that truly matter in your life.


You cannot experience success, fulfilment and joy on a mindset that is focused on your limiting beliefs, nerves, worries and caution. Transform your thinking to shift from survival or mediocrity to limitless potential and possibilities.