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​Life is about results. Through Hutton Health, I am committed to increasing people’s vitality, fitness, wellness and wellbeing.

I am passionate and committed to helping people make positive lifestyle changes which will help them build confidence, increase their energy levels, improve their fitness and help to shift their mindset to live a happier life. I love to learn and try new training techniques and exercises. I often expand my qualifications and takes courses to help me be able to provide the most effective sessions and programs for my clients. 

I am Canadian and currently reside in Kent, England where I can be found on the trails running or biking, in the water swimming or in the mountains exploring new peaks. Health, fitness, teaching, coaching and competitive sports have been a huge part of my life since a young age.

I am an author, speaker and consultant and CEO of Hutton Health. My passion is to commit people to positive lifestyle changes.

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Why choose Janice?

I am dedicated and passionate about empowering people to be the BEST version of themselves. I am dedicated to INSPIRING action, EDUCATING, MOTIVATING and CHEERING each person to elevate their health, fitness and happiness.​

  • To increase your fitness level
  • To help you build confidence
  • To coach you through making positive lifestyle choices
  • To help you to be healthier and happier in your body
  • To provide a supportive and comfortable atmosphere
  • To help you become more resilient
  • To help you be the best version of YOU

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At Hutton Health, you will receive a training programme that is tailored to your specific currently health and fitness levels as well as your goals. 

We will have an initial consultation to find out what YOU want to get out of your time together as well as any health conditions or specific programming considerations.  This will then be delivered through a mixture of live workouts and workouts scheduled in the app that you can access anytime, anywhere…in the world!  You can complete your workouts at home, outside, in the gym….wherever you feel most comfortable.


No equipment? No problem! 

You can get a great workout without any equipment. Not all Hutton Health workouts require equipment, and for those workouts where you need some extra resistance, there are many objects around your house that you can use – water bottles, tins of beans/tomatoes/soup etc.

If you decide, as your progress with your programme, that you would like to introduce equipment into your routine, we can help you look into what is right for you.


Each day you will have exercises and helpful hints & tips delivered to you via the Hutton Health App. 

The exercises are accompanied by videos which show you how to complete each set of exercises as well as a brief written description.  There are also options to track step, sleep and body stats if those are things you wish to do for your journey. 

The app also allows you to send direct messages to Janice if you need to check in or ask any questions.  This means that you are supported at all times and never left unable to complete your assigned activities for the day!  
The app can be used on your phone/tablet or laptop, anytime, anywhere!


Not at all! 

The app is all run from one main home screen which shows you all of your daily activities, your stats and the access to your direct messages if you need to contact Janice!  If you need any help then we are on hand to show you how to find what you need.


There is no such thing as ‘fit enough’ to start an exercise program. 

Everyone has their own level of fitness, whether you think you are a complete beginner or have some level of experience, Hutton Health believes ‘exercise’ is for ‘every body’.  
The benefit of a personalised program is that Janice will tailor it fit exactly what you need right now and help you to grow and change as you progress through your fitness journey.

The time to start is NOW!