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5 Reasons to Improve your Body Image

21st September 2023

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The Oxford dictionary defines body image as, ‘a person's subjective picture or mental image of their own body’.

Our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs about our body and appearance forms our body image; it is the way we think and feel about our body.

It is common to look back at pictures from the past and wonder how it was possible to think you needed to lose weight or tone up when it was taken and you were smaller than your current size or shape. What many people would give to look now the way they did 10 or 20 years ago!

Things that can affect your body image

Body image is not just about your actual weight, body shape or size, it can also be from:

  • Comparing your body and the way you look with the people around you or the people on your social media feed.
  • Being teased or bullied at any age can lead to poor body image.
  • Difficulty accepting changes to your body as you age or go through life phases like pregnancy and child birth.
  • Being exposed to high pressure situations or poor role models relating to attitudes around health, weight, body image, exercise and eating can all lead to poor body image.
  • Mental health
  • Media’s representation of the ‘ideal’ body and what a person who is ‘fit and healthy’ looks like.
  • Comments from friends and family about your body.
  • Clothes that are designed to fit a certain body size or shape.
Thing that can affect your body image

Symptoms of a poor body image

  • Having difficulty loving and accepting your body.
  • Being ashamed by your body.
  • Feeling like you cannot find clothes to fit your body.
  • Not liking your reflection when you look in the mirror.
  • Wanting to ‘hide’ your body when you enter social situations.
  • Feeling like people make judgements or negative assumptions based on your body.
Symptoms of a poor body image

What does our body image depend on?

Body image is often not related to the physical appearance of your body, and instead has everything to do with:

  • How you talk to yourself about your body
  • Your relationship with your body
  • Your inner critic

I love this confidence and self love workbook. It's a great way to increase your confidence and self worth which will have a positive effect on your body image. 

What does our body image depend on?

Why build a positive body image?

Here are 5 reasons to build a positive body image:

  1. Having a positive body image can improve your self-esteem and self-worth
  2. Improve your self-acceptance
  3. Increase your self confidence
  4. Helps to foster a positive attitude
  5. Feel more comfortable in social situations

This previous blog shares 7 Tips to overcome the battle with your body image.

Why build a positive body image?

Your size, body shape and weight don’t matter, each person deserves to have a positive body image. A balanced approach to fitness and nutrition can help build a positive body image and form a stronger relationship and appreciation for your body and the many things it allows you to do. 

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