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5 Tips for Starting a New Workout Routine

30th January 2023

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Table of Contents:

1. Common reasons people feel they can’t start an exercise program

2. Ways to reframe your thinking to start an exercise program

3. 5 tips to fuel your motivation to keep you on track with your exercise program


The most challenging part of starting a new workout routine is taking the first step to get started.

It is easy to find excuses why you should wait to start your new program.

common reasons people feel they can't start an exercise routine

Common reasons why they CAN’T start an exercise programme that I hear from prospective clients include…

· Nervous about being seen in exercise clothing

· Unsure what to do or how much to do it

· Fearful of trying something new

· You feel you have ‘failed’ before, so you are destined to ‘fail’ again

· You feel like you don’t have the time

· You lack the energy you feel you need to exercise

· You are ‘comfortable’ being ‘uncomfortable’

In order to feel stronger, healthier and more confident in your body, it is important to remember that you are stronger than your excuses! Your mindset is a key in your journey to increasing your health and fitness.

Be stronger than your excuses

Here are ways to reframe your thinking to start an exercise program:

ways to reframe your thinking to start an exercise program

· Nervous about being seen in exercise clothing

Try not to focus on how you LOOK, instead, focus on how you will FEEL after your workout.

It really is worth investing in a set of workout clothes that are comfortable for you. There is no ‘right’ look for exercise clothing, despite what social media influencers may lead you to believe.

I have leggings that I put on some days that make me feel like they are digging in the entire way around my stomach, sides and back, making me uncomfortable and self-conscious. These inevitably end up at the back of my drawer as I reach for something that makes me feel comfortable, happy and strong.

Wiggle and Sportshoes have a great range of exercise clothing at a good price to allow you to try different brands to see what works well for you.

Remember, no one will be paying attention to what you are wearing or what you look like. Truly, when I see someone in a gym, walking or running down the street, or doing any form of exercise, I don’t notice what they are wearing, I feel proud of them for doing something that will make them FEEL good.


· Unsure what to do or how much to do it

Any purposeful movement will have a positive effect on your body and on your mental health. Try not to get fixed on needing to have a ‘perfect’ workout program to start exercising.

If you are someone who likes to have a program to follow, Hutton Health offers monthly memberships and personalized programmes that offer you:

-a structured programme

-the expertise of an experienced coach in your pocket

-the accountability, motivation and support of a coach

-live online workouts you can join from the comfort of your home (with your screen on or off, your choice!


· Fearful of trying something new

Start small, allow yourself to start with a 5 minute exercise session, something that feels manageable.

Fear can hold us back from trying so many things in life but change only happens when you step out of your comfort zone.

Once you do your first walk or your first workout, it will no longer be ‘new’.


· You feel you have ‘failed’ before, so you are destined to ‘fail’ again

There is no failure in a journey of fitness and health. You don’t need to transform your entire lifestyle, diet or exercise routine to improve your fitness and health.

Small changes have big results, focus on little actions each day and celebrate every one of your successes.


· You feel like you don’t have the time

Exercise doesn’t need to be an hour long, sweat inducing exercise session that leaves you aching and exhausted. All purposeful movement has a positive effect on your mental and physical health.

-Do some squats while you wait for the kettle to boil

-Do some calf raises while you brush your teeth

-Park in a further away parking spot to increase your steps

-Take the stairs instead of the lift

Workouts don't have to be about how fast you run, how much yo lift or how many calories you burn. Workouts can be your mood booster and your breath of fresh air

· You lack the energy you feel you need to exercise

As you start to move your body more and increase your fitness and health, you will feel like you have more energy to carry on. The key is to build momentum and consistency to kick your lethargy!


· You are ‘comfortable’ being ‘uncomfortable’

You deserve more than feeling stuck in a body that you aren’t comfortable in.

You deserve to look in the mirror and appreciate the body that allows you to do the things you love with the people you love.

Here are 5 tips to fuel your motivation to start an exercise programme and keep you on track.

5 tips to fuel your motivation to keep you on track with your health and fitness

1. Focus on progress, not perfection

Workouts will not always go to plan. Do not let a missed workout or a session that did not go as you had hoped to put you off.


2. Choose a routine that fits your schedule

Shift your mindset from thinking that a workout needs to be a long and challenging bootcamp that leaves you panting and dripping in sweat. Choose movement that fits in to your day, even if that means a 5-minute strength session or a 15 minute walk.

Focusing on moving your body every day has benefits for your mind and body. By incorporating shorter workouts into your busy days, it provides a routine that is easier for you to follow.


3. Find workouts that you enjoy doing

There is a huge variety of exercise options and trainers available. Find a type of workout that you enjoy doing. This will make it easier to motivate yourself to participate regularly.

Participating in activities that you enjoy will also help to incorporate these in to your schedule for the long term.


4. Listen to your body

Our bodies are all different. Tune in to where you are at to ensure that you ease into new activities or exercise programs.

If you push too quickly, you can risk injury or soreness that will make it more difficult to stick to your program.


5. Share your goals

By creating goals and sharing your health and fitness goals, it keeps you accountable for your progress.

not all health and fitness goals are created equally

Download Hutton Health’s free goal setting workbook.

Read this blog to discover tips to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Finding a workout partner or hiring a trainer can keep you motivated through workouts if you prefer having additional support and encouragement to stick to your goals.

Find out more about the benefits of working with a health and fitness coach.

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