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9 Reasons to start running

20th August 2023

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It can seem like some people are built to run, with a gazelle-like stride, endless motivation and the ability to push themselves to an unreal level. If you aren’t currently a runner, it can seem impossible to join the running wave.

Reasons to run for me have varied over the years, from it being a way for me to stay in shape, to a fun activity with my friends, to following a focused training plan and goal to get my ‘good for age’ marathon time to peaceful ‘me’ time that allows me to get out of my head and enjoy calm time in nature.

Running has also changed from being a physical challenge and struggle to run for 20 minutes to regularly running 50 Kilometres a week, to me now enjoying any running that I can fit in my busy schedule, embracing even 2-3 Kilometre runs.

No matter what phase I have been in my life and no matter where I have lived or travelled in the world, running has been an enjoyable part of it.

There are many benefits to including running in your exercise routine. There is no need to spend hours running to reap the benefits, running even a few minutes a day is good for you.

Reasons to start Running


1. Running is a great way to improve your health

There are countless health benefits to running including:

  • Strengthens your heart
  • Running is a form of weight bearing exercise that increases bone density. Weight bearing exercise is an important way to prevent osteoporosis.
  • Lowers your resting heart rate
  • Lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Improves joint strength and flexibility
  • Reduces your risk of chronic disease and diabetes.
Running is a great way to improve your health

2. Improves Sleep

Quality sleep is important for your health. Regular exercise and including running in your exercise programme can help improve your sleep.

Check out this blog for tips for quality sleep!

This Yogasleep machine is brilliant for aiding quality sleep. 


Improve Sleep

3. You can run almost anywhere

Running is one of my favourite, no commute, ways to explore a new place. It doesn’t matter where I have been in the world, running is a great way to enjoy the sights, sounds and views of the area.

Experiencing a place on foot offers a different immersive experience than being in a car or public transport. There are very few places I have been to in the world where I haven’t had the option to run.

You can run almost anywhere

4. Very little gear is needed

Unlike many other activities which require regular gear or a dedicated space, very little equipment is needed to be able to run.

All you need it a good pair of shoes in order to run, making it a very affordable activity and form of exercise.

Many people choose to invest in a fitness tracker to track their runs, but even if you choose to invest in a smart watch, there are a number of affordable options available.

Sportshoes offers a huge variety of running shoes at discount prices. It is my go-to online shop to grab a deal when I need new shoes or running clothes!


Very little gear is needed

5. Running doesn’t need a lot of time

Running doesn’t require commuting to a dedicated space. You can run right from the front door of your house, the entrance to your office, your hotel or travel accommodation, which means that you don’t need to allocate extra time in your day on top of your run.

I love running because I feel the benefits to my mind and body even after a short 10- or 20-minute run.

Running doesn’t need a lot of time

6. Running relieves stress

There are immense benefits to your mental health from running. A ‘runner’s high’ is the mental lift that people experience after a run and happens because of the release of dopamine, a feel good hormone, that your body releases.

Running can provide a valuable break from daily pressures and stress. It allows precious and valuable time to think creatively, problem solve and consider challenges from a different perspective.

Running relieves stress

7. Running is a great way to breathe in fresh air

I love running outside in nature! There are bonus points for me if I can run away from the sound of cars and be in a natural environment in the woods, on a mountain or by the seaside.

No matter where you run, fresh air is great for your body and for your mind.

Running is a great way to breathe in fresh air

8. Running helps build confidence

Running is great for your self-esteem and helps you feel strong in your body and mind.

Each time your lace up your shoes and get out the door to run, it gives you a sense of achievement and a mental boost that spreads to other areas of your life.

Running pushes you out of your comfort zone and proves to you that you can do hard things. This  builds your character and helps your embrace challenges in other areas of your life.

Running helps build confidence

9. Running allows you to show yourself your strength

It is easy to come up with excuses why you can’t run:

  • Too hot
  • Too cold
  • It’s raining
  • Too tired
  • No time
  • Too hilly
  • Too much to do

Each time you come lace up your trainers and head out the door, you prove to yourself that you are stronger than your excuses.

Running allows you to show yourself your strength

If you aren’t currently including running in your exercise schedule, check out some tips to start or return to running.

Some of my favourite and most memorable runs have been ‘character runs’, trudging through deep snow, splashing through puddles in pouring rain, and finding the most stunning views in beautiful places.

Knowing why you want to run helps create a deep connection and source of motivation on the days when it may feel like a struggle to lace up your running shoes and get out the door. A strong ‘why’ to your running journey helps create a lifelong habit of moving your body and embracing the miles.

Download Hutton Health’s free Goal Setting Workbook to ensure you are setting effective health and fitness goals to help keep you motivated and on track with your exercise programme.

Running isn’t for everyone, and walking offers many of the benefits that running does. Read this blog to find out ways to walk your way to health and fitness.

Happy running!

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