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Mental health benefits of exercise for women over 40
13th October 2023

Here are some of the specific mental health advantages of regular exercise for women over 40.

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9 Easy things to do today to increase your fitness and health
10th June 2023

Here are 9 things to do today to increase your fitness and health.

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7 Myths about being in the best shape of your life
18th September 2023

People often reach for quick fixes in the quest to be in the ‘best shape’ of their life. Here are 7 myths about your 'best shape'.

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Morning habits for a healthier lifestyle
1st September 2023

A good morning routine can transform your day and improve both your physical and mental health.

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25 Reasons to go for a walk
9th July 2023

Walking is a great way to increase your health and fitness and is beneficial for both your body and your mind. 25 reasons to walk!

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6 Things to do Next Time you Gain Weight
28th June 2023

It is easy to attach your confidence and happiness to your weight. Here are 6 things to do next time you gain weight.

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Step goals: Is there magic in taking 10, 000 steps each day?
24th June 2023

10,000 steps each day has become a ‘golden rule’ for many people as the target to lose weight, get fit and increase your health.

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Best summer exercise tip - Just WEAR THE SHORTS!
1st June 2023

Here is your friendly reminder to WEAR THE SHORTS when you exercise this summer!

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The best wellness products for a day at home
10th May 2023

Here are my 10 best wellness products for a day at home

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